SmartNet Aus & GIS


The GIS Benefits

SmartNet Aus makes any Australian GIS database more accurate. Using a subscription to the SmartNet Aus RTK CORS network, we allow you to access our DGPS / DGNSS RTK corrections from ranges of up to 500km.  You do not need to set up your own base station (no need to worry about finding a secure site or forgetting cables), you are not limited by radio range or interference issues, you simply set up your GPS/GNSS rover, and connect to the SmartNet Aus RTK CORS network with a SIM card. With a DGNSS correction, your GIS's spatial accuracy is improved to centimeter accuracy and therefore your spatial analysis becomes more reliable.

Accuracy is Addictive! - SmartNet Aus is ideal for any high-precision mapping projects such as utility mapping, asset management, GIS data collection, and any application that requires consistent high-precision sub-metre tocentimetre accuracy.


GIS / DGNSS Subscriptions

SmartNet Aus has a variety of Surveying Subscriptions available, including Nation-wide and State-wide subscriptions.  Contact your local dealer, or contact us to get signed up.

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