Surveying Services

The Surveyor Benefits

SmartNet Aus makes any Australian Surveyor / Technician / Chainy more productive. Using a subscription to the SmartNet Aus RTK CORS network, we eliminate the need for you to set up your own base station (no need to worry about finding a secure site or forgetting cables), you are not limited by radio range or interference issues. You simply set up your GPS/GNSS rover, and through a SIM card start receiving the DPGS/DGNSS RTK survey grade corrections from the SmartNet Aus CORS network.  To top it off, you do not need to have your own RTK base station, almost halving your capital investment.

SmartNet Aus can be used in a variety of land surveying applications such as building and monitoring bridges, towers, highways, and dams.


Surveying Subscriptions

SmartNet Aus has a variety of Surveying Subscriptions available, including Nation-wide and State-wide subscriptions.  Contact your local dealer, or contact us to get signed up.

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