Our Services

Networking Australia

SmartNet Aus is a subscription based service offering RINEX file download and GNSS Network RTK corrections throughout Australia.  Providing one of the largest Australia -wide GNSS RTK Networks available in the market place today, we have partners in all levels of government and private companies supplying GNSS data from their reference stations. SmartNet Aus has opened the doors to new markets in precision measurement across many industries such as Precision Agriculture and GIS, while at the same time providing a stable and reliable infrastructure for the traditional construction and surveying applications.


Real-Time Services (GNSS RTK)

Our services are available 24/7 through secure NTRIP connections and are open to all data formats (RTCMv3.x, RTCMv2.x, CMR, etc), offering a GNSS RTK solution to anyone in the precision measurement marketplace. 

Our real-time services are built on the powerful GNSS Spider software, providing high-precision, high-availability RTK corrections for any application, using any constellation – and it is available to everyone. GNSS Spider makes life easy for the user through its Nearest Base and Automatic Cell technologies, all the user has to do is choose to use either a single base or network RTK solution, and Spider does the rest!  By using the user’s approximate position, Spider can select the best base station(s) to use and optimise the RTK corrections for the rover’s current location.



Our CORS network is continuously monitored by the versatile GNSS SpiderQC software, which provides critical network performance and quality information to our operators and users.


Post-Processing Services (RINEX files)

Our post-processing services are delivered using SpiderWeb software, with its easy to use interface, users can quickly and easily find and download the RINEX data they need to process against their own field collected data.

RINEX files are generated hourly and are QC’d by GNSS SpiderQC software, producing QC reports for every RINEX file that are made available to the user, and are used by our operators as a performance and quality indicator for the CORS network as a whole.